July 2, 2006

Hi friends! I’m still alive and take a breath and I doesn’t died from hungry time. I was been very busy to my works and my mommy she is already here and I was go to a diet and doing so many kind of fitness things that my time is run out. I was also go out to clubbing almost every night the few day. I am tell you more about that later.

I was also (and my friends) nearly get arrested for playing on a escalator when we are drunks. Later I making real post okay. Thanks for a comments to me.


I going to diet….

June 27, 2006

Hi Buddies!

What is tag and how I am tagging another people to that?  I’m so confuse to your meanings please make a explain.

You are all probably wonder why I’m not post too much the past one days on my blogs of mine.  Well, because I was hidden in my room and I doesnt wanted to talking anyone.  I was felt so shy to all.  Because the day before this I was see my friend and she say to me I am get fat.  Oh No! I was nearly fainted because of the shocking feeling and I was not believe to it.  I am always looked after my bodies!  Wah!  Then I asking her really? I’m get so fat already? She say I’m look like a bit chubby than before but not very fat. But you know its mean I’m gaining a weight right? So now I’m going to make a diet for myself!  I doesn’t going to eat a piece of rice! Not even one! I am only eating meats but no skins and fatty part.  Also too much of fruits and veggie! No more softdrink and only drink a water! No more potato chip!  (Oh No! This is so very hard part for me because I loving potato chip too much really!)

So of course a most important part is to doing a exercise!  So I am go to plan a fitness plan!  I am jagging and go to swimming!  On the weekend I am go to hiking on Saturday and going to beach on Sunday to catching the sun! And then I go to lock myself in my room for a hour and playing my music so loud and I dancing and shaking my booties like a crazy woman to burning all the fat I was gain.  I was gain 10 lbs!  Wah!

After I losing all that I buying the Xenical and take it regular time so I doesn’t gain any wegith again.  I will using it to maintain a nice beauty shape!  I doesnt want the people to calling me fat cow.  Huhuhu!

Anyway, I say thanks to all you guys who is make a comment to me! I loving you all!

A Exam

June 25, 2006

Hi buddies! Thanks for all that is posting a comments to me I am feel so tired!  Anyway, I doesn't had anything to make a post so I'm copy a examinations from Teepsee's blog to post.  It is quite a funny things.

Yosiko – Hello! I am notice to your comments.  Are you have a blogs?  I wanting to comment to you too.

Are you single, married, or taken?
I'm Inday

Are you in love at the moment?
Hmmm.. no I doesn't think so….

nobody dahhhh!

Have you ever had a bad relationship?
Yes, it was very bad relations.  I think it is a body parts of the life to having a bad relations once or twice.  Not all relations you will having is going to be a perfect.

How old were you when you started dating?

Are you unpredictable?
Yes, because I'm not predictable and nobody is predicting to me in a right way so I must be….

Do you like surprises?

Oh yes, I like to be shocking to something.  I like a exciting feelings in my heart.

You think friends can become lovers?

Yes but for me maybe it is going to be feeling like a really weird things.

You think lovers can become friends?

it is all depends on how the relations of the two persons involving.

Have you ever had an ex you wanted to kill?

Yes.  Hahaha but I cannot because it is a very deadly sins to do that.How is she/he now?

This is very weirdness for a question.  Are you ask to me about the peopl who I wanting to kill?  I'm so confusing to this.

What is your message for him/her?

Hi buddies.  Visiting my blogs and leaving me a comments.

Have you ever been hurt?
Yah.  The jellyfish was eat me you know and that's a HURT!

Have you ever hurt anyone?
Yeah I always beating up people.

Do you forgive and forget?

Sometimes it is depend to what happening.

Is love lovelier the second time around?

I doesn't believe in that sh!ts.

Fling or long term relationships?

I doesnt mind. Any.  Because I am young girls and I can enjoying myself.

Are you easy to be loved?
I'm always a lovable girls.  You reading my English you are loving me already.

Are you a good friend?
Most of the time.

Are you sociable?
Yes I like to be social person.

Do you try to please everyone?
It is a nature of human to try and make every other human happy but not everyone liking that or appreciated to that so …..

Do you want everyone to like you?
No.  It is okay if someone is hate to me but as long as they are not try to hurting to me or kill the Inday it is okay.


June 23, 2006

Lol. What a hell is wrong with my entry titles? It is so very corny and very old style hip hop words. Yo! Yes yes yo! I suddenly remembering Francis M he is always say that and he look like a dumb guys. Pwahahaha!

Anyway please take a see at the image attaching herewith:

Yes. That is the Inday's Blog's Domain names that was buy for my blogs. What a coolest name huh? You are bookmark my blogs now now! You liking? I'm hoped that you are all like it because it is nice name that I'm choose in my personal points of view. I'm have so many choice before but I'm choose this ones because it is a cutie and unique once of a kind names. And besides, nobody of you is maked a guessing game of it so I'm so sad a little bit only. But that's okay I knowing it is a bit hard of a tasking question.

Anyway, I am think of some of the Philippines ulam names and they are also sounding like a funny tagalog words when I'm translate them for english. I doesn't know why we are call them such a funny names? Are any of you know what is a origin of all this thing?

Pinaupong Manok = Seated Chicken

Pinekpekan = Pussified / Vaginafied

Sinampal(ukang) Manok = Slapped Chicken

Ginisang Suso = Sauteed Boobs

Dinengdeng = Walled

Nilagang Mani = Boiled Clit

Sapin Sapin = On Top On Top

Pritong Tuyo = Fried Dried

Balut = Wrapper/Wrapped

Ha…. so very funny this names. I'm so entertaining for them. By the way if you guys are wondered what is my fave food I love the Ginisang Munggo with the crispy pieces of sliced pigs. Yummy right?

Shopping Story and Grows Story

June 22, 2006

Hi guys.  How are you all?  I am make a real post now because I'm feel so very better than before.  I'm started with what was happened last night.  After I finishing to do my works, I taked a bus to going my home and then I'm stop by a place where they are sell so very many kinds of bargain things like a cloths, slipper, decorating things etc.  Inday like to buy the shopping especially if it is a bargain stuff.  So anyway, I taking a look at the spot where they are keep their slipper and i seen so many cutie looking one.  I taking one to take a see but this Chinese lady she is so bad she say it is for hers already but I doesn't think so because have so many there.  I am take one again and she is say that it is also for herself.  So I going to toher side to check there because that lady she is take over the whole side.  And I am see something I like so I take it.  It is same like what the lady have but in different color.  I looking looking again and then I'm see another one of same styles but this time also another different in colors.  So I'm take that too.  Then this lady she is looking my slipper that she is so very jealous I am get a unique color than her!  Hahaha! So i'm walk around some more times and go near her and holding my nice slipper to her to take a see and make her feel more jealous to me.  She is just keep looking and looking and then the shop they are almost close so I going to pay already.  Then I hear this lady she was asked the salesgirl if have anymore of the one I have and she say no more only have one of that color. Hahaha.  Stupid woman now I am walk away and I say bye to her with big sweet smiling face and then I showing my new slipper again.  She is just give to me a dirty looks.

Also my friend she telling me a very yucky stories yesterday about a internet chat.  She was read it in a newspaper for the Filipino in HK.  She say have a couples who is chatting the internet and showing their body part in webcam but not showing the face.  They are chatting for over a one year period and then the guy is abroad and the woman she is stay in Philippines. So they are chatting and chatting and showing the private part to each other.  So grows and yucky right?  I doesn't understand why are some people do that.  It is not appeal to me to showing body parts on webcam and showing private part to a strangers.  It is sickened and twisting things to do and people who are do that they doesn't have a respect for herself.

Anyway, the story is that the guy he is go back to Philippines so they are chatting again then the guy he saying to the girl that he is going to Philippines soon and he is wanted to meeting her in persons so they can do a fucking their brains out all the time all day long. Then the girl she is so agree to it and feeling so exciting to meeting her internet boyfriends.  Then the guy he saying they are finally show their face to each other so they can finding out what is the each other looks like.  After that they are show each other's face and they are so shocking to what they are seen because they are know each other well.  It is not a husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend in a real life.  It is also not a celebs or what.  The guy and the girls is mother and son.  You seee..So eeewwww right. I feel so sick for that.  Yucky things for yucky people.

I hope no one of you is do that.  You will going to hell for it.